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We understand better than anyone that the purchase of tractors and/or agricultural machinery requires major investments. And in case of damage, the costs add up completely. To help you, we therefore offer you financing options for tractors and machines and tailor-made insurances. In addition, you have the option to have your old tractor or machine bought by us or to exchange it with us.

Buying / trading in tractor or machine

Sell / exchange your tractor or machine

Do you have a tractor or machine that you no longer use? We also buy tractors and machines. Or do you want to buy a second-hand tractor or machine from us? And do you still have an old one? Then you can also trade in your tractor/machine with us. We can then give you a discount on the tractor or machine you buy from us.

Insure your tractor or machine

If you buy a tractor or machine from us, we can possibly help you with getting the right insurance. The insurances run through our parent company. The big advantage? We can tailor-make your insurance policies. Whether you want to insure a part of your tractor/machine or the entire tractor/machine, we are happy to talk to you.

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Tractor insurance
Financing options

Financing options

You have several options with the financing options that we offer. Such as buying your tractor or machine in installments. We look forward to working with you to find the ideal solution for your personal situation.

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